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Happy (Medical) New Year!

By Tamara Reese Do you ever feel like when we push too hard to control our own destiny, life laughs at us? I typed this to my husband. He was in between cases and we were having a brief text-discussion about fellowship for the five-millionth time. Should he rank this program? Will that city be […] Continue reading →

Keeping Intimacy Alive

Question: I don’t know how to make intimacy a priority in our relationship. My husband is often gone and when he is home, I’m either too tired or not interested because we haven’t been emotionally close for days. What can we do to keep the intimacy alive in our relationship? Answer: I actually receive some […] Continue reading →

At Home: Physician Family Connection

By Jordyn Paradis Hagar As a child and family therapist and as a parent, I often see the efforts that families make to try to maintain a sense of family connection in an era of technology, increased demands and very busy schedules. Most families express a desire for more quality time together and an increased […] Continue reading →

Looking Back: A Medical Life

By Pat Klettke Many times I have been approached to tell my story of being part of a physician family. Where would I begin? How does one cover respect, love, trust, commitment, resilience, frustration, loss and longing in one brief message? It isn’t done. I’ve decided to give you as brief an overview as I […] Continue reading →

Pack All The Happy

By Jasmine Almeida Saying goodbye and closing a chapter can be difficult, and the physical act of moving can be logistically overwhelming. Don’t let all that bring you down when it’s time to move on. Moving, with all its cardboard boxes, packing tape and Ziploc bags of electronic components, can be a happy time. The […] Continue reading →

Who’s Taking Care of You?

By Jamie Walton You’re perched on the starting block over an Olympic-sized pool, fingers gripping the base as the toes of your leading foot curl over the edge. Your heart pounds and your whole body crackles with an electric energy–part terror, part determination–as you stare into the water. The pressure is so intense you can […] Continue reading →

Medical Marriage Q&A: It’s Good Now

Question: I feel like my husband is constantly trying to reassure me (read: make excuses) by saying things will get better “once I finish this rotation,” “once I take this test,” “once I finish this project.” I try my best to embrace the “live in the moment” mentality. How do I encourage my spouse to […] Continue reading →