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Rethink Your Resolutions

By Stacie Johnson Last year I made a New Year’s resolution to not clean as much. Yep, that is right, I declared I wouldn’t clean my house. I decided that time with my four year old was worth more than an empty sink, sex with my husband was better than a clean kitchen and cuddling […] Continue reading →

Ginger: Cheers to Your Health

By Monica Swanson It’s that time of the year again…freezing cold temperatures in many places, and the cold and flu season hitting hard! Now I don’t know if I’ll get any sympathy, but even here in Hawaii, we’ve had some really cool nights! In case you’re wondering what a “cool night” is in Hawaii, we hit the mid-to-upper 50’s this […] Continue reading →

Budgeting During Residency

(Editor’s Note: With a new year upon us, many of us have hopes of better health in the future: emotional, physical, spiritual and, especially in the medical training years, financial. Here are a few lessons learned the hard way from a medical spouse during residency.) By Tonya Adams When my husband started medical school, we […] Continue reading →

Holiday Blessings (In Disguise)

By Rochelle Bach Each year as the holidays approach, countless medical families prepare for the dreaded release of the holiday schedule. Will the physician spouse be home this year? Will the non-physician spouse be packing up three kids under the age of five and traveling across the country alone to visit family they may only […] Continue reading →