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Balancing My Marriage and a Scalpel

(Editor’s Note: This week we are reposting an important piece shared by one of Physician Family’s regular contributors and licensed marriage and family therapist, Kim Blackham. In this blog post, Kim’s surgeon husband offers 10 tips on successfully maintaining the delicate balance between marriage and medicine. This post originally appeared here on Kim’s website, where you can […] Continue reading →

To Be Free: The Art of Purging

By Stacie Johnson Every time we moved for medical school, I purged. I expunged items from the deepest, darkest parts of the closets. You know, your old high school shirt with holes or maybe some knickknack that is half broken or even better, a birthday gift that wasn’t too thoughtful? I’d find two black bags; one […] Continue reading →

Travel Planning

By Monica Swanson (Editor’s Note: As we approach fall and settle into a new medical year, schedules are set, kids go back to school and travel plans are made. For my physician family, the anticipation of a vacation helps during the busy season. One of our regular contributors has just returned from a summer of […] Continue reading →

Getting Along With In-laws

by Kim Blackham Question: My husband just signed a contract to take over a practice in the town we both grew up in. Part of me thinks it will be nice to be home again, but the other part of me thinks it is going to be hard. Our families don’t understand the challenges of […] Continue reading →

Happy (Medical) New Year!

By Tamara Reese Do you ever feel like when we push too hard to control our own destiny, life laughs at us? I typed this to my husband. He was in between cases and we were having a brief text-discussion about fellowship for the five-millionth time. Should he rank this program? Will that city be […] Continue reading →