Who’s Taking Care of You?

By Jamie Walton You’re perched on the starting block over an Olympic-sized pool, fingers gripping the base as the toes of your leading foot curl over the edge. Your heart pounds and your whole body crackles with an electric energy–part terror, part determination–as you stare into the water. The pressure is so intense you can […] Continue reading →

Medical Marriage Q&A: It’s Good Now

Question: I feel like my husband is constantly trying to reassure me (read: make excuses) by saying things will get better “once I finish this rotation,” “once I take this test,” “once I finish this project.” I try my best to embrace the “live in the moment” mentality. How do I encourage my spouse to […] Continue reading →

My Father’s Daughter

By Sarah Johnson On Easter morning, I fed my father small bites of pancake while my husband and children sat around the table and watched. This was something I hadn’t done before, and I choked back tears as Paul prompted me to make small talk. Eventually, I set the fork down and walked to the […] Continue reading →

It Must Be Nice

By Erica Camp “It must be nice.” Without a doubt, this is my least favorite colloquialism in the English language. Though not explicitly stated in the phrase, I have always felt that it implied luck and/or privilege rather than plain old hard work. I have a problem with that because very few things in this […] Continue reading →

She Volunteered Me!

By Jim Woodring Vision statements bore me. Our Alliance statement reads the following: “The Alliance is the volunteer voice of the family of medicine.” Except for one word out of the eleven, it would bring yawns. The word that brings it to life is “volunteer.” Oh my, are we ever volunteers and volunteered. Years ago […] Continue reading →

Because Some Days Are Hard

By Jenni Murray I am a total Pollyanna. Give me a problem and I will find you the silver lining. Anyone who has been on this medical journey knows that it can be tough to remain an optimist, but I have always maintained the “at least” approach. At least it’s just one night on call […] Continue reading →

Your Health: Spring Smoothies

By Monica Swanson Thank goodness it’s March and spring has sprung (or has it?). At least we know it’s coming soon! Whether it’s warm and sunny where you are or not, we’re all ready for sunny days ahead. If your family has had its share of hot cocoa (or warm ginger tonic!) this year, maybe it’s time […] Continue reading →