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Beyond the Bedside: A Journey from Clinician to Healthcare Leader

Dr. Yohannes Mengistu

From the rural district hospital to the bustling capital city, Dr. Yohannes Mengistu’s medical journey in Ethiopia has been nothing short of transformative. In this blog, join Dr. Mengistu as he shares the challenges, rewards, and insights gained while transitioning from a dedicated clinician to a healthcare leader. Discover the delicate balance between providing quality healthcare and driving improvements within Ethiopia’s fragile healthcare system.

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Medical Marriage Q & A

medical marriage Medical Marriage Q & A By Kim Blackham When my husband began applying for general surgery residency programs nine years ago, the concept of Facebook hadn’t even been conceived. We were still utilizing old-school dial-up internet, and much time wasn’t spent online because we had to disconnect in order to make phone calls. The social […] Continue reading →

Be Flexible and Avoid Resentment

Be Flexible and Avoid Resentment by Donna Baver Rovito Recently, a young intern’s wife expressed her frustration and despair to her new resident husband, during the fifth week of his internship, telling him that residency is so much harder than she’d expected, and that it’s difficult for her to handle their children on her own […] Continue reading →