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Resources to Help Your Physician Family Through The Match and Beyond

Resources to Help Your Physician Family Through The Match and Beyond
By Donna Baver Rovito


This week is a time for both excitement and dread among graduating medical students – Match Week, which culminates in Match Day on Friday, March 17!

After finding out where they will spend the next 3-7 years, newly matched residents will need a lot of information and support to embark upon the next step of their Journey of Medicine. Physician Family Magazine and our weekly blog have published dozens of pieces which feature information to ease medical students into the next stage, and below, we provide links to all of our previously published pieces that can be useful to “new residents.” We’ve also included our entire Fall 2016 issue of Physician Family, which focused on Stage Two of the Journey – Residency and Fellowship.


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Fall 2016 Issue – The Journey of Medicine: Residency & Fellowship

Direct Digital Issue Link:

PDF Link:


Links to Fall 2016 Individual Articles

From the Editor By Donna Baver Rovito

Marriage During the Training Years By Julia Sotile Orlando, Rebecca Sotile Fallon, Mary O. Sotile and Wayne M. Sotile

A Top Ten List for Surviving Residency By Tiffany Sweeney

You Might Live With A Doctor If…

Pregnancy and Parental Leave During Residency By Ilene Bosscher

Making the Most of Being a Lame Duck Resident’s Wife By Angelic Rodgers

Women in Medicine — The Training Years By Donna Baver Rovito

Living on a Resident’s Yearly Salary Infographic – Association of American Medical Colleges

You Have Questions — We Have Answers!

To the Woman Behind the Man Behind the Mask: An Open Letter to the Wife of my Daughter’s Heart Surgeon By Christina Schuetz

Learning to Love the Scrubs By Jon Foulk

Set Boundaries, Take Back Your Time and Stop Explaining Yourself By Starla Fitch, MD

Why Work Locum Tenens After Residency? By Melissa Byington

Finishing Strong? What To Do When You Hit “The Wall” By Kim Blackham

How to Save Money Buying a Home with a Physician Loan By Tal Frank

Food Solutions: Easy Autumn Stew By Juliette Goodwin


Links to previous Physician Family Magazine articles which are of special interest to new residents:

Balancing Life, Medical School, Residency and a Relationship by Kevin Dwyer{“issue_id”:287407,”page”:20}

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget By Emily Fitzgerald and Michelle Barnett

Top Five Financial Goals for Residents and Fellows By Kerri Zelenik Burton

A Top Ten List for Surviving Residency By Tiffany Sweeney

Significant Other Organizations, A Much Needed Resource for Medical Families By Vina Lybbert


Links to Previous Blog Posts:

(6/26/14) Intern Year: It gets better By Marysa Stevens

(7/3/14) Next Chapter: PGY1 Neurosurgery By Briana Wessell

(7/30/14) Be Flexible and Avoid Resentment By Donna Baver Rovito

(8/6/14) The Art of the Medical Move By Jordyn Paradis Hagar

(8/13/14) How to Live Frugally During the Training Years (and Beyond) By Laura Ditkofsky

(10/22/14) Starting a Family in Residency By Jasmine Almeida

(10/29/14) Residency Survival: Lessons Learned By Briana Wessell

(12/10/14) Surviving Medical Training…It’s a Family Affair By Julia, Rebecca, Mary and Wayne Sotile

(1/24/14) Real Estate Decisions for the Medical Family By Stephen Lloyd

(1/7/15) Budgeting During Residency By Tonya Adams

(3/4/15) Medical Marriage Q&A: Managing the Stress of Moving By Kim Blackham

(3/19/15) Our Match Day Story and Resources You Can Use By Donna Baver Rovito

(3/25/15) A Grateful Glimpse at Training By Ashley Mast

(4/15/2015) It Must Be Nice By Erica Camp

(5-6-15) It’s Good Now By Kim Blackham

(5-27-15) Pack All the Happy By Jasmine Almeida

(7-1-15) Happy (Medical) New Year! By Tamara Reese

(7-8-15) What I Learned From Watching a Car Accident By Jamie Walton

(7-15-15) Intern Year: We Survived and Thrived By Briana Wessell

(7-22-15) I’m Not a Single Mom….I Just Play One on TV By Mandy Silveira

(8-12-15) No More Medical Student Loans By Lizette Blackwell

3/2/16 Match Making By Angelic Rodgers

3/23/16 On Medical Match Day, wishing the spouses well By Moira Muldoon

4/6/16 So You Matched. Now what? By Susanna Hindman

5/12/16 Living in the Present During Training By Claire Necessary

5/18/16 Compromise and the long haul are key to our family’s future in the present By Elizabeth Stuelke

6/22/16 The Art of the Medical Move By Jordyn Paradis Hagar

8/10/16 Be Flexible and Avoid Resentment by Donna Baver Rovito




The Art of the Medical Move

(Editor’s Note: We first ran this blog post by writer Jordyn Hagar in August, 2014, not long after Physician Family first published. This will be the last of our “moving” pieces, as we’ve reposted several blogs in the past few weeks which focus on the various aspects of the medical move. Jordyn wrote this piece […] Continue reading →