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Managing the Stress of Moving

Medical Marriage Q&A: Managing the Stress of Moving by Kim Blackham (Editor’s Note: Thousands of physician families are in the process of moving their furniture and their families to the next step in the medical journey this month and next – so we’re republishing some of our most informative blog posts on how to manage […] Continue reading →

Pack All the Happy

(Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published in May 2015, but as so many physician families are in the process of moving for medical school, residency or that first “real” job in the coming weeks and months, we decided to share Jasmine’s unique brand of optimism again!) By Jasmine Almeida Saying goodbye and closing a […] Continue reading →

Finding “Normal”

Finding “Normal” By Jordyn Paradis Hagar I have wanted to write another article for this network for quite some time.  Initially, there were bits of life that required a great deal of my attention, leaving little left for any other pursuits.  More recently, though, I have found myself with the time, energy, and even brain […] Continue reading →

Compromise and the long haul are key

Compromise and the long haul are key to our family’s future in the present By Elizabeth Stuelke It’s almost the middle of 2016 and I am contacting prospective pools in our new neighborhood about membership. We have settled on our house: it doesn’t have the acreage Morgan hoped for, nor is it the city dwelling […] Continue reading →

Work-Life Balance – A Skill We Can LEARN!

By Donna Baver Rovito (This blog originally appeared on the Pennsylvania Medical Society website under a slightly different title – https://www.pamedsoc.org/tools-you-can-use/topics/quality-and-value-blog/Mar916) Hearing the word “balance,” always makes me flash to a scene from one of my favorite movies – The Karate Kid. I can clearly hear actor Pat Morita’s “broken” English (amazingly authentic considering that […] Continue reading →

Residency Survival: Lessons Learned

Residency Survival: Lessons Learned By Briana Wessell Only six years and eightish months to go. The last time everyone heard from me, my husband was just beginning the first rotation of his neurosurgery intern year. We were eager to get started and excited to move into this next phase of the medical training process. Well, […] Continue reading →

Starting a Family in Residency

Starting a Family in Residency By Jasmine Almeida We had our first child during the fourth year of my husband’s ophthalmology residency, and our second son joined us during the first year of a surgical retina fellowship. Juggling long hours, multiple medical commitments and the needs of two small children can be exhausting but every […] Continue reading →