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Residency Survival: Lessons Learned

Residency Survival: Lessons Learned By Briana Wessell (Editor’s Note: This blog post originally ran in October, 2014, so Briana and her resident husband now have even more experience surviving residency – but this initial look is both practical and positive, so we’re sharing it with our readers again.) The last time everyone heard from me, […] Continue reading →

Starting a Family in Residency

Starting a Family in Residency By Jasmine Almeida We had our first child during the fourth year of my husband’s ophthalmology residency, and our second son joined us during the first year of a surgical retina fellowship. Juggling long hours, multiple medical commitments and the needs of two small children can be exhausting but every […] Continue reading →

Growing Up Medical

Growing Up Medical By Mary Gebara Modern families today are an ever-changing nucleus of the pursuit of happiness, well-being, success and security. Medical families are no exception to that; in fact, I believe they are deeply centered on such values and aspirations. While some might believe that growing up in a medical family is a […] Continue reading →

Mr. Dr. Fortner

Mr. Dr. Fortner By Jonathan Fortner In the summer of 2001, my wife and I had just settled into a new city as she began her OB/GYN residency. As we stood nervously at the welcome dinner for the new interns, the chairman’s wife turned to me and said, “So you must be Dr. Fortner, it’s […] Continue reading →

Milk and Cookies for Doctors on Life Support, and Other Cheery Thoughts about Work-Life Imbalance

(Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published on Warren Holleman’s personal blog, Work Well, Be Well, in October 2015 and is republished here with his permission. You can link to the original post here: http://www.workwellbewell.com/work-life-balance/milk-and-cookies-for-doctors-on-life-support-and-other-cheery-thoughts-about-work-life-imbalance-2/) Milk and Cookies for Doctors on Life Support, and Other Cheery Thoughts about Work-Life Imbalance By Warren Holleman This past month several […] Continue reading →