Proceeding With Caution

By Elizabeth Stuelke When my hips hurt I think of my dad. Why would I want to write about my dad, such a personal subject? To help other people when they hear his story. How could that happen? It’s such an unusual story, or he was such a non-usual person or lived his life as […] Continue reading →

I Understand, Mrs. Dr.

(Editor’s Note: This week’s post originally appeared here on the personal blog of Dawn Mast. Stay tuned for more original work from Dawn and her medical mission adventures with her physician family.) By Dawn Mast It’s an interesting dynamic when your husband is a physician and you are, well, not. I vacillate between feeling like a […] Continue reading →

Dearest Husband

To Physician Family Media readers:      I am sharing a letter that I recently drafted to give to my husband. I didn’t plan to share it publicly at first, but after I wrote it I wondered if it might resonate with the heart of a few other people. I made some minor edits to share here, but this […] Continue reading →

Between Arriving and Leaving

(Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared here on “The Other Half,” a blog by Angelic Rodgers dedicated to medical spouse experiences from the “other half”: Husbands, lesbians, and empty nesters (by choice or from the effects of time). By Angelic Rodgers When I was in graduate school and when I had my first full time […] Continue reading →

Educating Morgan

By Elizabeth Stuelke When we lived in Manhattan, we began contemplating education for the kids. This idea, at first seemed somewhat normal to me. We had a little girl, it was 2003, parents were, as I was finding out, very invested in these decisions, especially in New York. But for myself, I had a rocky […] Continue reading →

On Loneliness…

By Cami Pond, Director, American Medical Association Alliance I am a physician spouse, and I know all about loneliness. In addition to my mate’s demanding medical practice, he is still serving in the military, and has been deployed into harms way on multiple occasions. He is also a delegate, three-time president of the county health […] Continue reading →

Tips for the Physician Job Hunt

My husband is completing his medical subspecialty fellowship this coming summer, a long awaited event. When this past June rolled around we started actively seeking his first “real” job. Just as I helped proofread his medical school entrance essays and helped him study for numerous board exams, naturally, I began actively seeking advice about how […] Continue reading →