Educating Morgan

By Elizabeth Stuelke When we lived in Manhattan, we began contemplating education for the kids. This idea, at first seemed somewhat normal to me. We had a little girl, it was 2003, parents were, as I was finding out, very invested in these decisions, especially in New York. But for myself, I had a rocky […] Continue reading →

On Loneliness…

By Cami Pond, Director, American Medical Association Alliance I am a physician spouse, and I know all about loneliness. In addition to my mate’s demanding medical practice, he is still serving in the military, and has been deployed into harms way on multiple occasions. He is also a delegate, three-time president of the county health […] Continue reading →

Tips for the Physician Job Hunt

My husband is completing his medical subspecialty fellowship this coming summer, a long awaited event. When this past June rolled around we started actively seeking his first “real” job. Just as I helped proofread his medical school entrance essays and helped him study for numerous board exams, naturally, I began actively seeking advice about how […] Continue reading →

Here We Are

By Frances Southwick “How tiring is residency? So tiring. When Jude and I went out to eat, I avoided ordering salad; I didn’t have the energy to chew that much.” My name is Frances Southwick. I am a practicing family medicine physician in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I completed my medical residency two years ago, and I […] Continue reading →

Dinner For One…Or Two?

By Justyna Woodley This is to all the families who have experienced interrupted dinners, paused movies, canceled plans that were much anticipated, and all of the above in the same week. First of all, everything I am about to say is not a complaint. I chose to marry a doctor whom I love dearly. However, it […] Continue reading →

List Making as Life

By Elizabeth Stuelke I’ve started making lists as I’ve left my job of three years, now that my husband is in his last year of training, and I am thinking of where to go next with my goals: career and otherwise. I’m making lists of ideas to write about, so I won’t forget the topics […] Continue reading →

Holiday Expectations by Kim Blackham

Question: In the past, the holidays have proved to be a tense time in our house, especially with our untraditional schedule and extended family. What can we do to avoid arguments and disappointment this year? Answer: Holidays can be an especially hard time for couples, because each holiday inherently comes with its own expectations. One […] Continue reading →