Pregnant Woman or On-Call Physician? 10 Signs You Live with One or the Other

Pregnant Woman or On-Call Physician?

10 Signs You Live with One or the Other

By Jasmine Almeida


  1. You go out for dinner and they order sparkling water instead of wine – leaving their poor dates to “drink for two.
  1. They’re always tired and live in a constant state of fatigue;  basically collapsing at the end of the day – then they’re up all hours of the night.


  1. You never know when they are going to drop everything and race to the hospital.

Emergency hospital treatment

  1. They speak using a lot of medical terminology that most people wouldn’t understand.
  1. Pregnant women measure life by trimesters; doctors go to school for so long they measure life in semesters.


  1. One drinks way too much caffeine; the other doesn’t drink enough: Together, they are the perfect level of caffeinated.


  1. Watching a movie or TV show with them includes their running commentary on how “That would never actually happen!”
  1. They both occasionally stop at the hospital cafe for an afternoon pick-me-up.
  1. Doctors work so many hours per week that they often exceed legal limits – pregnant women are literally building human life every hour of the day. Overtime, anyone?


  1. They should both wear compression stockings – pregnant or on your feet all day, circulation is important!

Bonus points for those physicians who are also pregnant!



Jasmine Almeida has a BBA in Marketing and worked as a freelance writer before deciding to stay home with her three young children (Max, 5, Leo, 3, and Paloma, 1). Her husband, David, is a retina surgeon at VRS in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Originally from Canada, Jasmine enjoys travel, yoga and spending time with her family.

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