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Milk and Cookies for Doctors on Life Support, and Other Cheery Thoughts about Work-Life Imbalance

(Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published on Warren Holleman’s personal blog, Work Well, Be Well, in October 2015 and is republished here with his permission. You can link to the original post here: Milk and Cookies for Doctors on Life Support, and Other Cheery Thoughts about Work-Life Imbalance By Warren Holleman This past month several […] Continue reading →

Be Flexible and Avoid Resentment

Be Flexible and Avoid Resentment by Donna Baver Rovito (Editor’s Note: This blog originally ran in July 2014; we’re reposting it as many physician families are currently experiencing transitions which can cause stress and resentment in their relationships.) Recently, a young intern’s wife expressed her frustration and despair to her new resident husband, during the […] Continue reading →

Answering the silent cry for help

ANSWERING THE SILENT CRY FOR HELP How We Can Join Together to Prevent Physician and Medical Student Suicide  By Lacey Kohlmoos One day a friend and colleague of my husband’s came over to our house in between two back-to-back 12-hour shifts of a sub-internship at a nearby hospital. He was sitting on our couch stuffing […] Continue reading →

So You Married a Physician…..

So You Married a Physician… By Julia E. Sotile, MSW, LCSW: Mary O. Sotile, MA, LPC; Wayne M. Sotile, PhD. Our years of experience working with physicians and their families have taught us that medical couples (both one- and two-physician couples) who transition into and out of medical training deal with a similar dynamic: Each life […] Continue reading →

Intern Year: It Gets Better

(Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published in June, 2014. Since that publication, the intern in the piece has completed residency. In next week’s blog, Marysa Stevens will share her physician family’s experiences and insights into finishing residency and transitioning to the next stage of life in medicine.) Intern Year: It Gets Better By Marysa Stevens […] Continue reading →

Your Tribe is Your Vibe

“Your Tribe is Your Vibe” By Erin Allen In my post-medical-training-years reinvention of myself I have become a fitness instructor for Fit4Mom. Fit4Mom is a business that provides workout classes for moms with their kiddos in the stroller with franchises all over the United States. It’s not only a workout class, but a community of […] Continue reading →

A Touching Thank You

A Touching Thank You By Donna Baver Rovito Sometimes, in the insane crush of our daily lives as physician families, we forget exactly why the physicians in our families invest the equivalent of a second mortgage and 7-15 years of education and training beyond college to become physicians. We forget why they spend a significant […] Continue reading →