Work-Life Balance – A Skill We Can LEARN!

By Donna Baver Rovito (This blog originally appeared on the Pennsylvania Medical Society website under a slightly different title – Hearing the word “balance,” always makes me flash to a scene from one of my favorite movies – The Karate Kid. I can clearly hear actor Pat Morita’s “broken” English (amazingly authentic considering that […] Continue reading →

One Day At A Time

By Sara Duda While my husband was in residency, we always talked about the future and what life would be like after those hellish three years were over. We expected it to be perfect: three kids, picket fence, SUV, vacationing, you get the picture. And then, life happened…unexpectedly. We had our first son at the […] Continue reading →

So You Matched. Now What?

By Susanna Hindman So you’ve opened that long-anticipated, hard-earned envelope on Match Day and finally discovered where your family is headed for the next three to five years. How did you feel when that destination was finally revealed? Scared, excited, anxious, hesitant, thrilled, disappointed, amazed, surprised? All of the above? March 15, 2013. That was […] Continue reading →

Family On A Mission

By Dawn Mast For the record, I’m a homebody. Which is weird because I’m an extrovert so people expect me to enjoy road trips and party with the stars. But the truth of the matter is road trips stress me out and I don’t know any celebrities. So it stands to reason that the Lord […] Continue reading →

Match Making

(Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared here on “The Other Half,” a blog by Angelic Rodgers dedicated to medical spouse experiences from the “other half”: Husbands, lesbians, and empty nesters (by choice or from the effects of time). By Angelic Rodgers I don’t know of many things more stressful than interviewing for a job–whether it is […] Continue reading →

Proceeding With Caution

By Elizabeth Stuelke When my hips hurt I think of my dad. Why would I want to write about my dad, such a personal subject? To help other people when they hear his story. How could that happen? It’s such an unusual story, or he was such a non-usual person or lived his life as […] Continue reading →