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Adapting to “The Match”

Adapting to “The Match” by Lara Balsters McElderry Our family has moved several times.  We moved for medical school, then residency, then a different residency, then a third residency, then a job, then a fellowship, and now we are getting ready to move again this summer! You can actually find a timeline of our crazy […] Continue reading →

Celebrate National Doctor’s Day on March 30th!

Celebrate National Doctor’s Day on March 30th! Share your stories of inspiring physicians and mentors with the AMA Foundation FOR PHYSICIANS – CELEBRATE WITH THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION FOUNDATION: March 30th is National Doctor’s Day, an opportunity to celebrate physicians, their work, and their contributions to society and the community. Though many are drawn to […] Continue reading →

Taking a Step Back

(Editor’s Note: We’re hearing a lot from Jordyn Hagar this summer – mostly because she has SO much valuable insight! Jordyn wrote this piece for another blog a few years ago, back when she had only one child, and we thought it was appropriate because so many of us are experiencing endings AND new beginnings as […] Continue reading →

The Art of the Medical Move

(Editor’s Note: We first ran this blog post by writer Jordyn Hagar in August, 2014, not long after Physician Family first published. This will be the last of our “moving” pieces, as we’ve reposted several blogs in the past few weeks which focus on the various aspects of the medical move. Jordyn wrote this piece […] Continue reading →

Managing the Stress of Moving

Medical Marriage Q&A: Managing the Stress of Moving by Kim Blackham (Editor’s Note: Thousands of physician families are in the process of moving their furniture and their families to the next step in the medical journey this month and next – so we’re republishing some of our most informative blog posts on how to manage […] Continue reading →